Maman Requiem

My mother passed away in her sleep a day before Christmas.

She was a smart woman and a devoted mother — and taught us a sense of responsibility, determination, idealism and individualism. She had a difficult life, but made the best of it over the years. I learned a lot from her and will remember her fondly.

Sanda Florin, née Bossy (1926-2013) was romanian (from the respected Cantacuzino family), so a friend suggested we play this romanian folk song (Joc de Leagane) at her memorial. It’s called the ‘dance of the cradle’ and is meant to depict a tender relationship between a mother and her daughter. This is the kind of love that was often missing from her life, and I wish we could go back in time and share more of it all around.

Like my father before her, she asked that her ashes be spread over Lake Geneva, by the shores where they first met and spent much of their lives.

Rest in peace, Maman.

The photos from this video are posted here. You can learn more about Maman in this family archive.